Friday, December 19, 2008

I've been MIA

For a bit. I've been so busy lately and have lots to yak about.

First off, I did participate in the BUST Craftacular that took place last weekend in Brooklyn. I have to admit that I contemplated pulling out at the last minute as I has having a difficult time keeping up with my Etsy orders while trying to get ready for the show. My twitter friends talked me out of quitting and so I soldiered on like a trooper and managed to pull it off.

We had an extremely successful show. I met many fellow Etsians but not as many as I would have liked. There was just no time.

There were no signs of this recession we've been hearing about all year long. There was a constant line to get into the show to shop, even at 5:00PM people were lined up outside to get in. Sales were brisk and we went home totally exhausted but with lots of empty boxes and a pocket full of money.

Thank you BUST for a smashing event! The music was awesome and had me dancing in my chair all day long. I'm still singing "Crazy Horses" a week later - LOL!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I guess it had to happen sooner or later...


Woke up a little later than normal this morning. Now I know why - because it was so quiet outside. As much as I have absolutely no appreciation whatsoever for the white stuff, I do love the way it muffles the noises of outside. Almost feels like there's a sound reducing blanket covering the entire city.

The picture's not the best quality since my cell phone just happened to be conveniently in my hand at 7:00 in the morning - LOL.

I just love the way the street lights bounce off the snow laden trees.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Yes, I know what I said

....when I swore up and down that I was thru with making body butters, and how relieved I felt about my decision to not sell them this winter. Well... all KNOW how expensive mango butter is right?The stuff is crazy expensive. Well, stupid me placed an order for 10lb of Mango butter recently. It was such a painful thing to have to do considering that I only use it for soap making. I bit the bullet and purchased it along with more shea butter and some other oils. Don't you know that the day after the order was placed and paid for, I discovered an unopened 10lb box of mango butter in my ingredients closet!! At that moment I had an overwhelming urge to punch myself in the gut.

So - here we are. The only way I could shift all that butter was to go back to body butter making.

I must admit, this year it doesn't seem to be such a painful experience. Maybe because I've branched out on the flavors and also am now offering them in larger 4oz jars. I figure if I sell the larger sizes, people won't want them so often. You reckon it'll work like that?

Friday, November 28, 2008

EGCG Swag Bags - pt II


Yes - we're doing it again!

EGCG is putting together our 2nd round of Swag Bags as I type. Bags went on salelate last night in our shop on Etsy . Don't hesitate if you'd like one because the last time we sold out completely in under 3 days.

These bags make great stocking stuffers. Imagine getting 14 stocking stuffers for $15 - now that's a deal!

Here's a sneek peek of some of the samples that will be included:

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Did I do that?

I sure did!

I stumbled on a thread in the Etsy forums (I do that a lot don't I) - anyway, this thread where a lovely lady Spidercamp was talking about selling her tricks and tips to making the perfect cheesecake. You see, she's a pastry chef by day and is more than qualified to sell such a thing. What perfect timing - I was due to make a cheesecake the very next day to bring to the daughter up at college. I purchased the pdf tutorial which by the way is not only well written but it's hilarious too! I made the cheesecake and as promised by Spidercamp it was the easiest and tastiest cheesecake I ever did make! What you think?

Monday, November 24, 2008

Who ME?

Yeah you, you melt & pour wannabe!

Alright so I've crossed over to the melt & pour side of the world. It may just be temporary, I don't know yet but I will say that I'm having a freakin' BLAST making these. Instant gratification is my middle name so you KNOW this is my bag.

Melt & Pour bases aren't like they used to be. I just got my base in the mail a few days ago and already I've played and made 5 different batches of soap. My fave so far is the goats milk. So creamy and lovely. I even got brave and added a little castor oil for extra lather and moisturizing abilities. Today I got REALLY jiggy and added warmed up organic honey and ground up organic oatmeal. I think I'm in love (for now at least).

Check em out! (creme de fraise, creme de limon & creme de chocolat) - translated is strawberry cream, lemon cream and chocolate cream. mmmmm......I love cream :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

You are getting sleepy......very very sleepy

So last week I happened upon an Etsy seller quite by accident who sells hypnotherapy CDs. Out of curiosity I poked around their shop for a bit and and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw that they had a hypnotherapy CD for weight loss. Not one to leave a stone unturned, I decided right then and there to give it a whirl. I ordered it I believe it was Friday or Saturday and today it was sitting in my mailbox.

Here's my plan. I will keep track of my progress daily and post weekly summaries right here on my blog. Success or failure - I'll let you guys know.

I listened to the CD today and so far so good. More to

Friday, November 7, 2008

...and there I was thinking

that my birthday was going to be just an ordinary day. My sister got it into her head to send an email to lord knows how many people reminding them that it was my birthday yesterday. I got a text message birthday wish from Florida, a 2 hour phone call from Australia, another phone call from London, 1 from Philly and a slew of birthday emails. In the evening, I was served a fabulous dinner of rib-eye smothered in carmelized onions and gorgonzola cheese, baked potato and broccoli. All washed down with the perfect red wine and finished off with the biggest chocolate cupcake I've ever eaten!

The best part of the day? My step father (fresh out of hospital) sang a full rendition of the Happy Birthday song to me over the telephone. Now THAT brought tears to my eyes because a week ago he was in ICU and we thought the worst.

I felt truly loved yesterday - Life was good!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Come get some's my Birthday!

Today is my birthday and since I have absolutely no plans whatsoever, I shall celebrate by having a SALE in my Etsy Shop today!

I'll be stuck in a training class all day today and will probably end up working late too but it's not going to stop me from celebrating.

Come have some cake with me - Every purchase made today will qualify to receive a FREE CUPCAKE SOAP!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dreaming Big

I just have to share with you all my recent Etsy find. A dear Etsy friend of mine had this great idea a couple weeks back that we should all go look for a new seller on Etsy or one that hasn't had a sale yet and make their day by purchasing something from their shop. I figured what the heck, why not? Off I headed to pounce to look for a shop that caught my eye. To be honest I was looking for a new yarn store. I've purchased yarn on etsy before and absolutely loved it but figured if I was going to make a purchase why not make it for something I needed? So I'm pouncing and I'm finding no yarn but I did come across a fabulous shop called Artspell. I found her shop to be refreshing and unique. As soon as I saw her listing for "time in a bottle" I just knew I had to have it. I'd decided immediately that it was to be used in lieu of a dream board. Here I would stick pictures of my hopes & dreams in a way that I could view them and concentrate on them every day. I made my purchase and hoped for the best. Shortly thereafter, received a convo from the seller thanking me for my purchase and informing me that she was doubly happy because it just happened to be her birthday that day. I got goosebumps!

My package arrived and was so beautifully wrapped, I could feel the love excuding from the box as I opened it. I absolutely LOVE my purchase and before I start using it, I've displayed it proudly on my mantle in the living room for all and sundry to drool over :)

I was her first Etsy customer and she's going to help me realize my dreams. Life is good!!

Check out Artspell's shop you won't be disappointed if you purchase from her. I know I'll be visiting her again for sure!

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Patisserie is officially open for business

Well not exactly. The original plan was to open a 2nd Etsy shop just for my cakes. So they could seem exclusive-like or something. I applied to open the new shop and got to create my user account and have been waiting for almost 2 days for the green light to set up shop. Being the impatient person that I am, I decided to just go ahead and list as many soap cakes as I could tonight in my original shop.

Gawd - I hope I tire of these things soon. They're taking over my life!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bathing with Cake

I've been making soap cakes for over a year now and have always loved making them but recently it dawned on me that customers may not even use them. What if they just buy them to look at? I don't know how I feel about that. I mean, I make the soaps so that they're lovely on your skin so it would be a shame to not use it.

If you purchased or was given a soap cake would you use it or hold on to it to look at?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Swag Bags are for Sale - NOW!!!

TODAY is the BIG DAY!!!!

Finally our EGCG Swag Bags go on sale! I just started listing them and 2 sold right from under my nose. Hurry if you want one - there are only 20 available!!

They're available right here - EGCG Etsy Shop.

2oz jar of Whipped Sugar Scrub by South Pacific Body

Luscious Lip Balms from Bunny Butt Apothecary

Spiced Orange Natural Laundry Soap by Shower Treat Soaps
enough for 4 large loads of laundry!

Yummy Lip Balms from Body Language Soaps
2 lip balms per package!

Cupcakes & Flower Soaps by SoapStore
These are FULL SIZE items too!!

Beautiful Natural Perfumes by Stephanie K Naturals
These smell delightful and she was kind enough to send an extra vial for me :)

Lovely soap samples by Sugar Rush

Delicious smelling Sugar Souffle Scrubs and Whipped Body Butters by Urbbody

OMG these Solid Perfume Sticks smell D.I.V.I.N.E......oh and don't forget the soap samples too -they smell just as good! Samples provided by You Stink Soap

These gorgeous shaving soap rounds beautifully packaged and provided by Spa Therapy

These hand lotions smell absolutely FABULOUS by Jadewicks

Check out these fantastic fortune cookie soaps - and yes they really do have fortunes on them and there's 2 in each little bag! Submitted by Twin Dreams Creations

If you've never used Tub Truffles then you're in for a treat. Tub truffles and lovely soap by Pixie Soap

Check out these delicious looking Mocha Mandarin Bath Truffles. Made with Tangerine and Coffee Butters. Submitted by Sweet Spice of The Bath Project.

A mini pedicure kit (foot scrub, foot salve and a cuticle balm)
contributed by me, Morgan Street

Beautiful soap samples submitted by Cerulea Bath & Body

What a multitude of beauties submitted by Hello Crafty

To say that these smell DIVINE is an understatement!! Submitted by Dark Temptations

Who was asking for Bath Salts? Here you go! These are just fabulous salts and soaps made with Rose Otto which happens to be one of the most expensive essential oils in the universe. They smell out of this world!! Submitted by Aroma.herbals

These bags of goodies go on sale on Wednesday October 15th.
Don't miss out!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm at it again.....

.....yes, I've started making cakes once again. Don't seem to be able to stay away from them things. This time though I've decided to not just make them foody cakey scents but more varied like gardenia, or lilac or rose. My dining room table is laden with cakes right now, cupcakes, whole round cakes, bundt cakes and even loafs. Here's a lemon ginger one I made a few weeks back. Yesterday I decided to add soapy frosting and sugar sprinkles. Ain't it cute?

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Put WHAT on my lips?

OK - you all know that I'm a soap girl. Nothing pleases me more than making soap. The other "stuff" that I make, although I like making them, they don't make my heart leap. That said, lip balms has to be one of the most uninteresting things to make (in my opinion) - but maybe that has something to do with my disinterest in making them in pretty colors or my inability to make pretty labels.
Soooo, a few months back I decided that if I was going to continue making lip balms, I would at LEAST make some interesting flavors.

I came up with Turkish delight - which is a combo of roses and chocolate. If you've even been to Europe or Australia you'll know exactly what a Turkish Delight candy bar tastes like. There was a time that I had to have 1 bar every day otherwise I didn't feel complete!

I also made Parma Violet - yes it sounds strange but I have to tell you, violets have the most delicate perfumey taste that's just so lovely. When I wear this one I feel like a victorian lady sipping tea in my parlor. Where's my lace hanky?

Plum Preserves was next - yep, just like that. Tastes like an old fashioned jar of home made plum preserves. Juicy, ripe and delicious!

I have more coming up soon so watch this space, or you could just watch my shop......