Who ME?

Yeah you, you melt & pour wannabe!

Alright so I've crossed over to the melt & pour side of the world. It may just be temporary, I don't know yet but I will say that I'm having a freakin' BLAST making these. Instant gratification is my middle name so you KNOW this is my bag.

Melt & Pour bases aren't like they used to be. I just got my base in the mail a few days ago and already I've played and made 5 different batches of soap. My fave so far is the goats milk. So creamy and lovely. I even got brave and added a little castor oil for extra lather and moisturizing abilities. Today I got REALLY jiggy and added warmed up organic honey and ground up organic oatmeal. I think I'm in love (for now at least).

Check em out! (creme de fraise, creme de limon & creme de chocolat) - translated is strawberry cream, lemon cream and chocolate cream. mmmmm......I love cream :)


sherrieg said…
You almost make me want to try it with that chocolate milk bar... mmmm!
Waterrose said…
Your home must smell wonderful!
Soap Revolution said…
Oh YUM!!! Those look great!!

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