Did I do that?

I sure did!

I stumbled on a thread in the Etsy forums (I do that a lot don't I) - anyway, this thread where a lovely lady Spidercamp was talking about selling her tricks and tips to making the perfect cheesecake. You see, she's a pastry chef by day and is more than qualified to sell such a thing. What perfect timing - I was due to make a cheesecake the very next day to bring to the daughter up at college. I purchased the pdf tutorial which by the way is not only well written but it's hilarious too! I made the cheesecake and as promised by Spidercamp it was the easiest and tastiest cheesecake I ever did make! What you think?


Anonymous said…
Wow...,that looks really good!
spidercamp said…
I'm so glad this worked out - it's gorgeous!
Womb Wellness and Nutrition Coach said…
Are you sure that is not one of your soaps? LOL.
Licia said…
oh I saw that cheesecake. I have like 20 mices and 2 bunnies and every time I see her shop... I take a gander at the cheesecake.

How much to ship?

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