EGCG Swag Bags - pt II


Yes - we're doing it again!

EGCG is putting together our 2nd round of Swag Bags as I type. Bags went on salelate last night in our shop on Etsy . Don't hesitate if you'd like one because the last time we sold out completely in under 3 days.

These bags make great stocking stuffers. Imagine getting 14 stocking stuffers for $15 - now that's a deal!

Here's a sneek peek of some of the samples that will be included:


magnifique said…
Is there any way I can join your group? I would love to add to the swag bag, considering how much I loved the last one!

I know I probably don't have the same sale volume everyone else does, but it would be fun!
Such a great idea! And you're right - really good stocking stuffers.
Milly said…
I don't see the bags listed in your Etsy shop. When will they be available? Thanks.
Morgan Street said…
Sorry everyone! We've postponed the sale until next Friday - day after thanksgiving! We're waiting for a few more samples to come in.

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