...and there I was thinking

that my birthday was going to be just an ordinary day. My sister got it into her head to send an email to lord knows how many people reminding them that it was my birthday yesterday. I got a text message birthday wish from Florida, a 2 hour phone call from Australia, another phone call from London, 1 from Philly and a slew of birthday emails. In the evening, I was served a fabulous dinner of rib-eye smothered in carmelized onions and gorgonzola cheese, baked potato and broccoli. All washed down with the perfect red wine and finished off with the biggest chocolate cupcake I've ever eaten!

The best part of the day? My step father (fresh out of hospital) sang a full rendition of the Happy Birthday song to me over the telephone. Now THAT brought tears to my eyes because a week ago he was in ICU and we thought the worst.

I felt truly loved yesterday - Life was good!


Anonymous said…
Awww... Happy Belated! And I'm SO glad you had a most marvelous day!!!
Sedie said…
That's wonderful! Happy Belated Birthday! Life is good!
Mary Helen said…
Oh Happy Birthday, Sharon! I'm so happy that you had such a great day and were surrounded with oodles of love. :)
Daisy Soap Girl said…
Glad your day was wonderful. You're invited to my place for a repeat Christmas Celebration. Email me for details.
Anonymous said…
That is so wonderful. Happy Belated Bday Sharon!

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