Come get some's my Birthday!

Today is my birthday and since I have absolutely no plans whatsoever, I shall celebrate by having a SALE in my Etsy Shop today!

I'll be stuck in a training class all day today and will probably end up working late too but it's not going to stop me from celebrating.

Come have some cake with me - Every purchase made today will qualify to receive a FREE CUPCAKE SOAP!


Joanna said…
Happy Birthday, Miss Sharon!!!!!!
Daisy Soap Girl said…
Happy Birthday Sharon and whatever you're doing on your birthday do it because it makes YOU happy.
Sorry to hear that you are stuck in a meeting on your birthday. That totally stinks. Well Happy Birthday anyways.
Stacey said…
Happy Birthday to you!
Morgan Street said…
Thank you for the birthday wishes everyone!
Donna said…
Happy Birthday! Wish all the best to you.

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