Dreaming Big

I just have to share with you all my recent Etsy find. A dear Etsy friend of mine had this great idea a couple weeks back that we should all go look for a new seller on Etsy or one that hasn't had a sale yet and make their day by purchasing something from their shop. I figured what the heck, why not? Off I headed to pounce to look for a shop that caught my eye. To be honest I was looking for a new yarn store. I've purchased yarn on etsy before and absolutely loved it but figured if I was going to make a purchase why not make it for something I needed? So I'm pouncing and I'm finding no yarn but I did come across a fabulous shop called Artspell. I found her shop to be refreshing and unique. As soon as I saw her listing for "time in a bottle" I just knew I had to have it. I'd decided immediately that it was to be used in lieu of a dream board. Here I would stick pictures of my hopes & dreams in a way that I could view them and concentrate on them every day. I made my purchase and hoped for the best. Shortly thereafter, received a convo from the seller thanking me for my purchase and informing me that she was doubly happy because it just happened to be her birthday that day. I got goosebumps!

My package arrived and was so beautifully wrapped, I could feel the love excuding from the box as I opened it. I absolutely LOVE my purchase and before I start using it, I've displayed it proudly on my mantle in the living room for all and sundry to drool over :)

I was her first Etsy customer and she's going to help me realize my dreams. Life is good!!

Check out Artspell's shop you won't be disappointed if you purchase from her. I know I'll be visiting her again for sure!


Renée said…
Hi Sharon,
This is Renée from studioRenee (originally artspell!). I stumbled onto your post here today when your blog showed up in my Stats on Etsy. I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that I still remember you as my very first customer on Etsy, and I am still so grateful to you for giving me a shot(and then writing about your experience!!). Many sales later, I've (hopefully) grown and improved as an artist and Etsy seller, but my journey on Etsy got rolling with you! And people are obviously still finding me because of your kindness. :o)Thanks again. Off to share your post and your shop!

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