I've been MIA

For a bit. I've been so busy lately and have lots to yak about.

First off, I did participate in the BUST Craftacular that took place last weekend in Brooklyn. I have to admit that I contemplated pulling out at the last minute as I has having a difficult time keeping up with my Etsy orders while trying to get ready for the show. My twitter friends talked me out of quitting and so I soldiered on like a trooper and managed to pull it off.

We had an extremely successful show. I met many fellow Etsians but not as many as I would have liked. There was just no time.

There were no signs of this recession we've been hearing about all year long. There was a constant line to get into the show to shop, even at 5:00PM people were lined up outside to get in. Sales were brisk and we went home totally exhausted but with lots of empty boxes and a pocket full of money.

Thank you BUST for a smashing event! The music was awesome and had me dancing in my chair all day long. I'm still singing "Crazy Horses" a week later - LOL!!


ElegantSnobbery said…
How wonderful that you didn't feel the recession effects! I hope you had MANY many holiday sales!!

And also, I LOVE Bristol! I have a pirate obsession and Bristol is just loaded with pirate history :D
Daisy Soap Girl said…
Happy New Year Sharon. Isn't it wonderful that people are turning to small luxuries like soap and lotions to make them feel good during this stressful financial crises. Congrats on Bust sales.

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