Swag Bags are for Sale - NOW!!!

TODAY is the BIG DAY!!!!

Finally our EGCG Swag Bags go on sale! I just started listing them and 2 sold right from under my nose. Hurry if you want one - there are only 20 available!!

They're available right here - EGCG Etsy Shop.

2oz jar of Whipped Sugar Scrub by South Pacific Body

Luscious Lip Balms from Bunny Butt Apothecary

Spiced Orange Natural Laundry Soap by Shower Treat Soaps
enough for 4 large loads of laundry!

Yummy Lip Balms from Body Language Soaps
2 lip balms per package!

Cupcakes & Flower Soaps by SoapStore
These are FULL SIZE items too!!

Beautiful Natural Perfumes by Stephanie K Naturals
These smell delightful and she was kind enough to send an extra vial for me :)

Lovely soap samples by Sugar Rush

Delicious smelling Sugar Souffle Scrubs and Whipped Body Butters by Urbbody

OMG these Solid Perfume Sticks smell D.I.V.I.N.E......oh and don't forget the soap samples too -they smell just as good! Samples provided by You Stink Soap

These gorgeous shaving soap rounds beautifully packaged and provided by Spa Therapy

These hand lotions smell absolutely FABULOUS by Jadewicks

Check out these fantastic fortune cookie soaps - and yes they really do have fortunes on them and there's 2 in each little bag! Submitted by Twin Dreams Creations

If you've never used Tub Truffles then you're in for a treat. Tub truffles and lovely soap by Pixie Soap

Check out these delicious looking Mocha Mandarin Bath Truffles. Made with Tangerine and Coffee Butters. Submitted by Sweet Spice of The Bath Project.

A mini pedicure kit (foot scrub, foot salve and a cuticle balm)
contributed by me, Morgan Street

Beautiful soap samples submitted by Cerulea Bath & Body

What a multitude of beauties submitted by Hello Crafty

To say that these smell DIVINE is an understatement!! Submitted by Dark Temptations

Who was asking for Bath Salts? Here you go! These are just fabulous salts and soaps made with Rose Otto which happens to be one of the most expensive essential oils in the universe. They smell out of this world!! Submitted by Aroma.herbals

These bags of goodies go on sale on Wednesday October 15th.
Don't miss out!!


wow I think I'd like to try that natural laundry soap. very good idea!
kim* said…
o wow this all looks awesome.
jewelstreet said…
That is an awesome idea! The samples so far look extraordinary.
Sedie said…
Wow! What a great idea and such yummy items! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a birthday wish!
They all look so yummy! I'd be thrilled with a swag bag containing any of those items.
Reese said…
Great stuff. Love your blog. I gave you a Brilliant Weblog Award. See my blog for details!

yayyy i love it when team shops do this! do you know how much???
Morgan Street said…
Thanks for all the comments folks!

The bags will go for approx. $22 each plus shipping. Well worth it me thinks!!!
jewelstreet said…
Cannot wait for these to go on sale. Slip me a hint about how much they are going to be so I can save my moo-la.
Wow, those are great samples. I might have to get one of the sample bags when they go on sale. I just hope that I don't miss it!
malevolent-mimi said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
malevolent-mimi said…
omg what a wonderful idea!
I really want to buy one of those packages. Essp that laundry soap & lipbalm. I hope someone includes bath salts too ♥
Morgan Street said…
There are bath salts!! YAY!
Anonymous said…
I bought one...can't wait to receive it in the mail!
Morgan Street said…
Thank you Saraphim! I'm printing shipping labels right this minute :)
Maria said…
I bought one too! This will make a FABULOUS Christmas gift for my sister--if I can keep myself from trying everything!
Morgan Street said…
Thanks Maria - I just printed your label too!
Christine said…
Morgan,are the bags still available? If so, where/how do I purchase one? Thanks.
Waterrose said…
Oh, I haven't had time to visit my favorite blogs and I missed the swag bags. Are you going to do more soon?
Morgan Street said…
never fear waterrose! We'll be doing another round either the end of next month or early december!!
Helen said…
are they all gone?
Anonymous said…
Oh I'm so excited that you are going to do another one- I am going to try and get one too! :) This last one was awesome- I think a lot of the samples will make such great stocking stuffers. JaimeA

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