You Can't get THIS at the Hallmark Store!

November 29th is my wedding anniversary and usually I'm at the mall on the 28th looking for a card and a gift. BUT...this year, I happened upon this very talented artist on Etsy a couple of months ago. The shop is called StoreyShop. Check out the awesome anniversary card she made for me!
The picture doesn't show it well, but the design is actually "cut out" from the card. You'll never find one of these at the Hallmark store that's for sure!


Congratulations on your anniversary. Beautiful card.

ACMstudios said…
Beautiful card! Something personalized like this means so much more (and takes much more thought!) than a store bought card.

Morgan Street said…
He loved it so much that he took it to work with him :)
DancingMooney said…
Wow, that's a very cool card, and congrats on your anniversary!!!
marsha said…
Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!! And awwww....he took the card to work with him! HOW SWEET! :)
Cicada Studio said…
Wow, great card. A real keeper!

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