More Man Soap

Last night I made more Lime & Black Pepper soap. That combination is so lovely smelling but I can't help but wonder what a dash of Vanilla would do the mix. I think it would blend beautifully. Maybe the next go around I'll try a bit of Vanilla to tone down the tartness of the Lime. I'm so excited about this one. It smells so good and I'm thinking to market it as another "MAN SOAP". Boy these guys are getting some special attention from me lately!


Joanna Schmidt said…
Damn you for living in CT! I wish I could learn from you in person!!!
The Soap Bar Blog
Hey Soap Artist:

Sorry I missed your B-Day, I've been so ill this past week. Gosh your soaps are an absolute beauty.

Happy Belated B-Day,
marsha said…
WOW! Those are stunning!!!!
9Stitches said…
They look amazing!

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