Rhinebeck NY Craft Fair

This weekend I participated in my first craft fair. It was held in Rhinebeck, NY about 2 hours from home. Leah of GoMonkey organized the entire event and what a grande job she did of it!
I was so nervous and anxious about the show, the day before I contemplated the ramifications of not showing. Thankfully, I didn't entertain that thought too seriously and went on to the fair.

What a joy to find that all the other crafters (bar 1) were Etsyians!!! Everyone was so nice and friendly and "understanding" of my Etsyitus disorder - LOL.
I had such a good time that day, I barely wanted the day to end. I met some really cool artists, awesome customers and even managed to make a few purchases and trades oh and lots of sales too!
One of the vendors there was Charlie & Sarah from NY. I had seen their clothing on Etsy before but when I realized that they were there, I was so excited I felt like I was meeting a couple of celebrities. Sarah is married to Charlie who happens to be British! They sell the cutest little kid clothes with British words screen printed on them. Words like - Lorry, lolly, wellies and a little birdie told me that the "knickers" will be coming soon. I want a "knickers" t-shirt for sure!


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