Just DO IT Already!!!!

I'm having a crisis of sorts....

First let me congratulate myself on getting my first wholesale account - YAY ME!
Now, said wholesaler and I have been emailing back and forth for a few days and we finally got to the point where she picked her scents that she wanted to purchase for her shop. I think God is looking out for me because I have all but 1 of them (including the naughty Black Raspberry Vanilla) available. The one scent that I don't have made is Plain Jayne. That's right, plain 'ole unscented, uncolored soap (why is it so painful to make that?). So, I can just barely manage meet this wholesaler's deadline if I make that plain jayne batch like yesterday!

This morning, what did I do? I grabbed my soap pot, oils, butters and lye and I get to work. By the time I was done, guess what I put in the oven? WRONG.......it wasn't Plain Jayne, it was something far more exciting and interesting. I made a super duper batch of patchouli. I know, another batch? I hear you shrieking. I couldn't help myself. Honest, it wasn't my intention. I set out to make the boring Plain Jayne and my brain got bombarded with images of these bright psychadelic swirlies with gold dust sprinkled here and there. To save my sanity I had no choice but to obey the patchouli urge. It is one kick arse looking batch of soap too :)

Yes, I'll be making Plain Jayne soap tonight. For real.......I am!


you are such a soap addict!!!
Missy said…
Congrats on landing the first wholesale account!
I love reading about all your creations. The colours on the patchouli are amazing. Great work!
Stephanie said…
wow what gorgeous soap! you are amazing!
Joanna Schmidt said…
Hey hon! You bake your soap? Wish you could teach me.
The Soap Bar
Morgan Street said…
Hi Joanna - I just sit them in a warm oven overnight (speeds things up a bit :)
We'll get you taught - don't worry!
Anne-Marie said…
I love Patchouli soap. It makes me totally swoon.

And the soap you made, rather than the Plain batch turned out fab! =)

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