Ready for Christmas

Yesterday morning although I was suffering a migraine, I was on a mission to put up my new gift sets on Etsy. It meant, catching the sun at just the right time, taking pictures, editing them, uploading, doing write ups yada yada yada. Quite the painful experience I must say, but well worth it in the end!

Anywho, they're up and I'm hoping that they do well. They really are rather lovely :)
Black Raspberry Vanilla, Lemon Ginger & Pumpkin Spice


petits bijoux said…
You're amazing. I can't believe you can put together such lovely things with a migraine. Your gift packages look delicious.
Angela said…
Lovely packaging!
Joanna Schmidt said…
I am also a migraine sufferer. I get 5-7 a month. It truly is a feat to walk when I hurt so badly...:(
Morgan Street said…
OMG - how do you function with so many joanna? Do you manage to catch them before they bring you to your knees? Such an awful afliction!!

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