An Artful Life

I am so excited right now. My products have found their way onto the shelves of a real brick and mortar shop!
I was approached by Alexandria of An Artful Life, a really cool trendy shop located in MO. They specialize in all things lovely like artwork, furniture, ceramics, paper products, bath & body etc.
To see pictures visit Artful Life's Flicker page at:


Joanna Schmidt said…
What a beautiful shop! Congratulations! All of your product look so beautiful and professional and look all good together, too.


malevolent-mimi said…
AGREED! I love your packaging, the labels most of all! How awesome is it to see your products all together in a beautiful display?! Must be exciting

Jes said…
Your stuff looks amazing! I'm consigning at An Artful Life too. I sent her some stuff in December and haven't been able to get her to respond to any of my messages since then. Have you talked to Alexandria lately? Just curious if you have any idea what she's up to or if something weird happened.

marsha said…
WOW! That's wonderful news! Congratulations!!!!

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