Another Great Etsy Artist - Blossombabies

Lynne and I have been "chatting" for quite some time through Etsy and have become fast friends. This entire time, Lynne was registered as a buyer only. She did tell me that she was working on opening up her Etsy shop very soon and that she was working on making dolls. We only discussed these dolls briefly every now and then so I really couldn't envision what these dolls looked like or anything. So a few days ago, she finally opened up her Etsy shop and let me tell you - the Waldorf inspired doll world is about to get shaken up with this woman's marvellous work. Her work is AMAZING!!! I've already told her that I'm getting one. She's only been open a few days and have gotten her first sale already - that has to be some sort of record.
If you have young children to shop for this year, you have to check out her shop. Don't forget she's in Germany so allow plenty of time for shipping.
Check out her shop here: Blossombabies


Steffi said…
Your doll is really cute!Nice blog!
Blossombabies said…
Sharon, thanks for featuring me.... your turn soon!!!!!

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