Vegas Here I Come

So, I'm off to Las Vegas next week for 4 days and I'm just now getting super excited about it. I haven't started packing or anything yet. If I did I think my husband would keel over dead. My motto is "If it ain't last minute, then it ain't no fun"! I'm one of those who will be still doing laundry and packing an hour before we're supposed to leave. Anyway, I'm having these dreams of winning big money in Vegas, enough so that I can stay at home and make soap all day every day (sans soapers block hopefully). I'm dreaming about how I'd be able to afford all those experiments I've always wanted to try but daren't because of the cost of raw materials. Ooooh, I'd be the happiest woman this side of the globe. Actually, just the fact that I'm going away is plenty to make me happy and we're staying in pretty posh digs too. We'll be here at the Wynn Hotel. Love that place - we stayed there 2 years ago for 3 days. I felt like the queen that I really am!


Crazy Lady said…
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