.....I've got soaper's block again. I've been meaning to make this next batch of soap for days and I'm having issues. I just went upstairs and pulled out all my fragrance & essential oils. I sniffed most of them hoping for a bit of inspiration but nothing. Everything seems boring right now. My original intention was to make a batch of peppermint for Christmas. Freak - maybe I'll just go do that.......alright I'm going. I'll post pics later or tomorrow I guess.

Update - 9:27pm. (picture added). I must be going through a chocolate phase right now. What is up with that? Maybe the universe is telling me that I need a chocolate line after all which is something I've been considering. Anyway, I ended up making a swirly brown & white single layer soap. The white parts are flavored with peppermint essential oil and the brown parts are flavored with chocolate and vanilla fragrance oils and colored with cocoa powder. It smells like a York Peppermint Patty for sure. I took this picture right before popping it in the oven for the night. Can't wait until the morning to get it out and slice it up.


Chicalookate said…
Soaper's Block. I think it may be that time of year, I am finding a hard time getting motivated. Good luck!

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