So it's Saturday afternoon now. I think I got up at around 5:30 this morning (pretended I was thirsty), jumped right on the computer and here I still am. How am I going to kick this new habit? Do I even want to? I have to, today at least. I'm leaving for vacation on Monday and I have to give myself a manicure & a pedicure. I need to get my brows waxed. I need to pack and I need to shop for stuff to pack. Did I mention that I have to do something about this mop on top of my head? Yet, here I sit on the computer. My daughter actually calls me a fiend. But it hasn't been a total waste because I got this great idea that I wanted to have a sale on soap this weekend at Etsy. Buy 1 bar, get the second bar at 50% off. Pretty darned good deal if you ask me!
It's been so much fun. I've had lots of inquiries so far and I've made some sales. At the beginning of August I set a goal that I wanted to sell 10 items for the month. I've already almost hit that goal!!! I'm totally ecstatic :) I got one order for some foot salve from a lady in England and I'm sending soap samples to another in Malaysia. Just the thought of my creations flying around the world makes me smile today.

Oh, and I got one other brilliant idea this morning but I'll share that tomorrow (if I ever get off my butt to bring it to fruition :)


flytie said…
that picture makes me happy. mmmmm....soap. :-)
Joyce said…
marsha said…
Congrats on your sales!!!!! It's fab when you hit your sales target isn't it??? :)
designsbynana said…
This is a beautiful blog page. I am new at this and may not used to the correct ciber words for your blog.
What I really want to say is that your blog makes me feel at ease and very relaxed, Your soaps look beautiful! and your pics are amazing! Good Job!!!
fellow Etsyan,
Morgan Street said…
Thank you all for the lovely comments :)

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