Room with a View

Woohoo - we're in Vegas!!! I've been looking forward to this trip for months as I've been overdoing lately and this was going to be my chance to relax and not think about anything but enjoying myself.
It's now Tuesday morning. And what do you suppose I've done? I've brought the bloody laptop with me and here I sit in the room, my first morning in Vegas on the computer. I've checked my emails, responded to some, been on the Etsy forums for at least an hour and now I'm updating my blog. (Might as well, I'm paying for 24 hours of internet access). After this 24 hour period is up, I've promised myself that I will NOT touch this laptop again until we get home on Thursday night.

So, last night DH and I get to the room, drop our stuff and head out to the mall across the street. We promptly visited the liquor store as we planned to have a nice drink up before bed. Captain Morgan was put to work and what a lovely job he did :) If you look carefully, you'll see him on the table. Almost legless, we stumbled down to the casino where I promptly shoved $40 of hard earned dough into the greedy mouth of a wheel of fortune slot machine. All I could think about on my way back to the room a couple of hours later was how much coconut oil or fragrance I could have purchased with that cash. Oh well, it's gone now and today's a new day. My plan today is to win BIG MONEY so I'm off to do just that. Wish me luck!!


marsha said…
oooh! I was in Vegas too in May!!! I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!! It made a very lasting impression in my mind and we'll most definitely be going there again!!! Viva Las Vegas baby!
Good Luck and put the laptop down! Have a great time, Sara x

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