EtsyOWLS Challenge

Sunday, I told you all how I participated in a challenge with my fellow Street Team members the Etsy OWLS. The challenge was to come up with an item to sell that was family oriented, meaning something that could be used by any member of the family. More info on the challenge can be found here:

The public is being encouraged to vote for their favorite item and the one with the most votes wins. All entries were posted at the same time at 7:00pm EST on Sunday when the challenge began.
My intention was to make some chocolate milk bath which is always fun. I usually make this for my nephew for Christmas every year. He looks forward to his chocolate set which includes chocolate milk bath, chocolate scented body butter, chocolate lotion and some bath truffles.

For whatever reason, I changed my mind at the last minute and decided to make a batch of chocolate scented bath truffles instead (see pic). These things are so much fun and they smell wonderful. The natural intoxicating aroma of cocoa butter with the addition of fragrance and other ingredients makes for a most luxurious bathing experience. Kids love them because they fizz, adults love them because they make your skin feel soft and silky.
BTW - these puppies sold within 24 hours of being listed. YEAH ME!!!


Cathie said…
wow, chocolate bubble bath things. my daughter loves baths, will have to come shopping for christmas! very nice and welcoming blog too.
voted for you yesterday. hope you win. if not, you are a winner in my eyes :)
Morgan Street said…
You're too good to me Stephanie :)
Karine said…
I wonder, do you have more of these? They look divine!!!

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