It's in my blood

Two recent events have led me to come to the conclusion that I was destined to be a soapmaker. And how do I know I was meant to be making soap? Here's how I know....

Recently, I joined a meetup group of soapmakers in NYC. It is highly out of character for me to get on a train and ride to Central Park to sit and picnic with a group of people I have never met before. Even my husband was proud of me. Anyway, one of the wonderfully talented ladies that I met was Lucie. She also sells soap on Etsy:
After visiting my website Lucie sent me an email stating that we had similar behaviors as children, because like me, she used to pick flowers and squeeze them to make her own perfume. You see, Lucie's grandfather was a chemist for a bath & body products company and he also made soap, therefore it was in Lucie's genes to make soap. This revelation took me by surprise because I honestly didn't think that anyone else dreamed about making perfume as a child. I thought it was just me.
As you already know, I've been making soap for quite some time and I also make other bath & body products but somehow soapmaking seems to do it for me. I'm in LOVE with anything soap, actually correction - I'm OBSESSED with making the stuff. Anyway, I've often wondered if I had any past relatives that were soap makers because you know how certain talents or behaviors are inherited right? My mother is no longer alive and she passed away before I started making soap, plus I barely have contact with my father.
Well, this past Sunday my 2 sisters and I met up for breakfast at our local diner since we hadn't sat and had a good old fashioned "chin wag" in a while. Out of the blue I asked my older sister if she knew of any members of our family that used to make soap. Her response was "Oh yes, of course - your grandmother used to make soap. Did you not know that?" - No I didn't know that. Then she went on to describe this soap and how it was made using the ashes from the wood that was used to cook the food outside. Well, you could have floored me with a feather. Is this what Oprah refers to as my AHAA moment? I flung myself backwards into the bench seat, mouth agape and just stared at her for a while. Is this why I see nothing wrong with rising from a dead sleep at 4:30 in the morning on a work day to make a batch of soap because I just can't wait until the weekend? I guess so - it's just in my blood, I can't help and I don't want to help it. Now I can soap on in peace, knowing that I'm doing what I was always destined to do. That truly feels good!!!!


Lucie said…
I'm so glad to have somewhat triggered your AHAA moment. Understanding who you are, where you come from and embracing the path you tread on is so important to both peace of mind and happiness.
I wish you a good life and a lot of success!

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