No Internet Connection

So tonight I get home from work and as usual I drop my bags and head for the pc so I can check on my Etsy shop and my Morgan St website plus catch up on emails. To my horror, there's no internet. I can't get on. My world has just screeched to a complete halt. My mind races as to what I should do. Hmmm...this is not good, not good at all. After a few moments, I calm myself down and try to think of something constructive to do. I guess I could make that batch of soap I've been thinking about for over a week. But what to make? I just can't seem to decide. I think I've been suffering from soaper's block lately. Usually I know exactly how I want it to look, smell and feel. But this time, it wasn't happening.

The oils get weighed and are sitting in the pot, the lye is dissolving the silk fibers in the water and still no inspiration! What the F is wrong with me tonight? At least by THIS stage I should have this batch already made in my head. Bear in mind, I only have so much time between the oils melting and the lye water cooling, because by the time this all happens, I have to hussle (especially because I used beeswax this time). I certainly wasn't up for wasting 4lbs of good quality oils either due to my indecisiveness.

I open up my soap ingredients cupboards and the first thing I see is a bag of organic oatmeal. In the cupboard next to it, a tin of Hershey's cocoa powder. OK, the picture's coming together now, and just in the nick of time. By the time I figured out how I was going to put this thing together, I had no time to spare. In my haste I splashed raw soap all over my face, narrowly missing my eye.

***WARNING*** Always wear protective goggles, long sleeves & rubber gloves!

Before you ask - No I don't wear any of the above. It's so naughty of me, I know but I like living on the edge sometimes. It's my one time to live dangerously so can I please?

Anywho, after splashing vinegar all over my face, I continue on and manage to get the sucker in the oven before it turned to rock in the pot.

I have to say it not only looks lovely but smells divine. I used a little sliver and the bubbles are so soft and creamy and silky feeling. Hmmmmm, this one's a sure winner! Maybe I should stay off the computer more what to call it, oatmeal chocolate almond cookie? eat your oatmeal? chocoats?

BTW - DH got home from work and was promptly put to work to fixing the internet. A couple of trips between my pc upstairs, his pc downstairs, the modem or whatever that box thing with lights is called and we were back up and running. Such talent in a man is so rare :)


travel girl said…
That is just simply beautiful!
Morgan Street said…
Thank you. I'm glad you like it :)
rocknwrap said…

That is my response to your no internet. But not my response to your soap. Your soap is not Aaaaaaargh! It is beautiful!
Veronika said…
I love your soap.It looks lovely,like something to eat!! I like that.

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