Friday, November 28, 2008

EGCG Swag Bags - pt II


Yes - we're doing it again!

EGCG is putting together our 2nd round of Swag Bags as I type. Bags went on salelate last night in our shop on Etsy . Don't hesitate if you'd like one because the last time we sold out completely in under 3 days.

These bags make great stocking stuffers. Imagine getting 14 stocking stuffers for $15 - now that's a deal!

Here's a sneek peek of some of the samples that will be included:

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Did I do that?

I sure did!

I stumbled on a thread in the Etsy forums (I do that a lot don't I) - anyway, this thread where a lovely lady Spidercamp was talking about selling her tricks and tips to making the perfect cheesecake. You see, she's a pastry chef by day and is more than qualified to sell such a thing. What perfect timing - I was due to make a cheesecake the very next day to bring to the daughter up at college. I purchased the pdf tutorial which by the way is not only well written but it's hilarious too! I made the cheesecake and as promised by Spidercamp it was the easiest and tastiest cheesecake I ever did make! What you think?

Monday, November 24, 2008

Who ME?

Yeah you, you melt & pour wannabe!

Alright so I've crossed over to the melt & pour side of the world. It may just be temporary, I don't know yet but I will say that I'm having a freakin' BLAST making these. Instant gratification is my middle name so you KNOW this is my bag.

Melt & Pour bases aren't like they used to be. I just got my base in the mail a few days ago and already I've played and made 5 different batches of soap. My fave so far is the goats milk. So creamy and lovely. I even got brave and added a little castor oil for extra lather and moisturizing abilities. Today I got REALLY jiggy and added warmed up organic honey and ground up organic oatmeal. I think I'm in love (for now at least).

Check em out! (creme de fraise, creme de limon & creme de chocolat) - translated is strawberry cream, lemon cream and chocolate cream. mmmmm......I love cream :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

You are getting sleepy......very very sleepy

So last week I happened upon an Etsy seller quite by accident who sells hypnotherapy CDs. Out of curiosity I poked around their shop for a bit and and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw that they had a hypnotherapy CD for weight loss. Not one to leave a stone unturned, I decided right then and there to give it a whirl. I ordered it I believe it was Friday or Saturday and today it was sitting in my mailbox.

Here's my plan. I will keep track of my progress daily and post weekly summaries right here on my blog. Success or failure - I'll let you guys know.

I listened to the CD today and so far so good. More to

Friday, November 7, 2008

...and there I was thinking

that my birthday was going to be just an ordinary day. My sister got it into her head to send an email to lord knows how many people reminding them that it was my birthday yesterday. I got a text message birthday wish from Florida, a 2 hour phone call from Australia, another phone call from London, 1 from Philly and a slew of birthday emails. In the evening, I was served a fabulous dinner of rib-eye smothered in carmelized onions and gorgonzola cheese, baked potato and broccoli. All washed down with the perfect red wine and finished off with the biggest chocolate cupcake I've ever eaten!

The best part of the day? My step father (fresh out of hospital) sang a full rendition of the Happy Birthday song to me over the telephone. Now THAT brought tears to my eyes because a week ago he was in ICU and we thought the worst.

I felt truly loved yesterday - Life was good!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Come get some's my Birthday!

Today is my birthday and since I have absolutely no plans whatsoever, I shall celebrate by having a SALE in my Etsy Shop today!

I'll be stuck in a training class all day today and will probably end up working late too but it's not going to stop me from celebrating.

Come have some cake with me - Every purchase made today will qualify to receive a FREE CUPCAKE SOAP!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dreaming Big

I just have to share with you all my recent Etsy find. A dear Etsy friend of mine had this great idea a couple weeks back that we should all go look for a new seller on Etsy or one that hasn't had a sale yet and make their day by purchasing something from their shop. I figured what the heck, why not? Off I headed to pounce to look for a shop that caught my eye. To be honest I was looking for a new yarn store. I've purchased yarn on etsy before and absolutely loved it but figured if I was going to make a purchase why not make it for something I needed? So I'm pouncing and I'm finding no yarn but I did come across a fabulous shop called Artspell. I found her shop to be refreshing and unique. As soon as I saw her listing for "time in a bottle" I just knew I had to have it. I'd decided immediately that it was to be used in lieu of a dream board. Here I would stick pictures of my hopes & dreams in a way that I could view them and concentrate on them every day. I made my purchase and hoped for the best. Shortly thereafter, received a convo from the seller thanking me for my purchase and informing me that she was doubly happy because it just happened to be her birthday that day. I got goosebumps!

My package arrived and was so beautifully wrapped, I could feel the love excuding from the box as I opened it. I absolutely LOVE my purchase and before I start using it, I've displayed it proudly on my mantle in the living room for all and sundry to drool over :)

I was her first Etsy customer and she's going to help me realize my dreams. Life is good!!

Check out Artspell's shop you won't be disappointed if you purchase from her. I know I'll be visiting her again for sure!