Man Soap

I'm super excited right now. I got up bright and early this morning (5:00am) and I had it in my head that I wanted to make some MAN soap. That is a soap fragranced in a way that would be appealling to our male species. As per usual, I didn't finalize the actual design until I started the soapmaking process but I managed to "almost" get it together in time. I had to call on the poor spouse emergency style to put my mold together because I had forgotten all about it until oils & lye were almost at trace!!
Anyhows, after much thought I decided on a combination of Patchouli & Bay Rum. I "think" it smells lovely but the truth will be told when I remove it from the oven. There's a layer of crushed poppy seeds in the middle and some seeds sprinkled on top also. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it turns out yellow/black/white as pictured in my head!
Pictures will come later.....

....later: so here's a pic of my man soap. It's not exactly what I'd hoped for (in looks) but at the same time I wouldn't call it bad. I have to say though I'm addicted to the smell. I've been washing my hands with it every day and it just now dawned on me that it smells like "Imperial Leather" soap from England, just like a freshly bathed man......mmmmm!


marsha said…
sounds cool so far ... can't wait to see the end result!

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