Do you feel sorry for me yet?

This Saturday I have decided to have an Open House. I have invited some family & friends to stop by within a 3 hour window to chat, sip cocktails and nibble on snacks while they try out and hopefully purchase products. Today is Wednesday, I'm home sick from work and I have a laundry list of things to do. There's body polishes, butters and bath oils to be made, bottled & jarred and labeled. Did I mention that it's Wednesday today? People are still RSVP'ing so I still don't have a final head count (my fault for sending out a late invitation). I have goody bags to make for X number of people. I raffle drawing gift basket to put together, pricing has to be figured out. I'm giving discount for that day only. Signs to be made, brownies to be baked plus the bean dip (can't forget the bean dip).
I've been up to my elbows in mango and shea and olive and still can't see the light......HELP!!!!


Roxie's mama said…
good luck with your event! :-)

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