It's Open House Day!!!

Today is my Open House. It's now a little after 12 noon so I have less than 4 hours before my guests start to arrive. The weather's wet and dreary and I feel the same.Well not the wet part....well my nose is wet. I have a horrible stinking cold and I've totally run out of steam. This morning I managed to put together some bath/body oils and make the labels (laminated no less). But that's as far as I think I can go. I'm totally pooped! I just made a humongous batch of chocolate chip cookies and husband is currently in the kitchen doing his thing! He's decided to be very generous today and take care of all the horses dervs (yes I spell it the way I pronounce it). When I got up this morning he was already studying his cook books and making a shopping list. I feel so loved (gag, gag). Just kidding :)
Anyway, I've taken a few pictures of the set up so bear in mind the displays aren't final, I'm still shuffling things around!

Thanks for looking :)


Shannon said…
This sounds like so much fun. I wish you much success. Once it is here just enjoy and have fun, they will hopefully buy more if they see the hostess having fun:) Let us know how it goes.
Nora said…
Beautiful! Hope you feel better and good luck on the open house.
Cathy said…
best of luck - hope you have a ball and get lots of sales :)
Hey that's a great idea! I hope you are feeling better.
marsha said…
everything looks fab!!!! good luck! i know it'll be a blast!!!
DancingMooney said…
Wow, it looks great! How did it go?? And hope you're feeling better.
~Stella said…
Beautiful pictures! I'm sure it was a great event, you have lovely products!

Emmy said…
Good luck with your open house! I love this idea and can't wait to hear about how it turned out.

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