Lots & Lots of Soap

Great news & excitement & scaryness rolled into one!
A Fellow soaper on Etsy contacted me last week to ask me if I'd be interested in helping her by filling one portion of a huge wholesale order she has. Of course I accepted the tight deadlined challenge mainly because it's going to be a real challenge for me. I'll be treading in unfamiliar soapmaking territory! The order is for 60 guest size bars of melt & pour soap in one particular scent.
Moi - M & P? Why the heck not?
I accepted said challenge and have less than 2 weeks to deliver. I've ordered soap base, color, mold & scent. The amount of base I've ordered is sufficient to fill the order with not much room for error, so I'll have to hit this nail right on the head first blow! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything comes in by Thursday of this week so I'll have a couple of days to plan my attack. Wish me luck folks!


Make sure you take some pics. I have to admit, I don't envy you--not such a big fan of M&P, though I love buying them, just not a big fan of making them.

Hope you enjoy your challenge,
Roxie's mama said…
I disagree, sorry! Melt n' pour IS fun! You can do cool layering and embed toys or other found objects, like the words "I love you."

I like m&p because it's easy and fast. I get to enjoy my soap much sooner than from scratch. I do love CP soap, but melt and pour is good too.

Enjoy your challenge, maybe you'll become a new fan of melt n pour soaps!
iSew said…
Wow, good luck. Sounds like a good challenge.

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