I Love my Supporters!

I've decided that my Open House was a total success. Not everyone invited showed up but those that did, put quite the dent in my inventory. I LOVE my customers!!!
Most of them were already familiar with my products so needed no product explanation but the friends that they brought along they insisted that I tour the table explaining each and every product including their benefits. They would interject every now and then to point out their own personal favorites. My friends know me - I'm no sales person and if it was up to me, I'd let everyone in and leave to the mall - leaving them to their own devices! Unfotunately that wasn't an option on Saturday.
We ate and drank lots of wine, had lots of laughs and the only time I stopped everyone to make any type of announcement was to thank them all for coming and supporting me over this past year and to encourage them to visit Etsy and support the handmade industry.
Those customers that couldn't make it on that day, were able to shop online and take advantage of the Open House discounts.
All in all, it was wonderful and I plan on doing it again next Spring!


Cathy said…
wow - sounds like the open house was a great success! congratulations!

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