Rebatching of the Botched

I've spent almost the entire weekend plotting soap projects. Some I've managed to complete with more success than others. One that I'm particularly pleased with, I created last night was a rebatch job, something I've been doing a lot lately.

Rebatching is where you make a batch of soap and for whatever reason you're not completely satisfied with the results ie. the color or scent isn't quite what you'd wanted. Instead of wasting it, I shred it up, and incorporate it into a brand new batch of soap and re-color or re-scent. Many soapers don't like to rebatch because the resulting bar is tends to be lumpy looking but I have a system now where I can get a nice smooth result- (see "what to call it?" post on 8/22) . I only rebatched those because although I LOVE the scent, some fragrance oils will always turn soap a dark brown due to the vanilla in it, this being one of them. It's something you just can't get around. I made a huge 6lb batch of this particular scent earlier this summer and as much as I tried to "pretty it up" with pink swirls on top, it wasn't having it (a bit like putting lipstick on a pig). So I broke down and rebatched some of it which resulted in not only my unamed soap of 8/22 but also, this beautiful cake! The left over soap from that pot was poured into my mini silicone bundt cake mold but because I waited so long to put it in the mold it started to harden and ended up lumpy looking which as it happens was a good thing because it actually looks like REAL CAKE!! Wouldn't this make a lovely birthday gift? It weighs over 10 oz, enough for 4 good sized hunks of soap.


Blaynexox said…
Oh boy! It looks delicious!! My favorite scents are birthday cake and pumpkin pie - so this looks wonderful to me! :)
LucindaC said…
That looks good enough to eat!
marsha said…
THAT's a SOAP?????????????? WOW!!!!! You my dear, are one AMAZING artist!!!!!!!!! It's FAB!
When I first saw the picture, I thought it WAS a cake and started reading to get the recipe! Good job!
It really does look like cake! Sara x
Ivy Arts said…
What Krazy Kate said, I was ready with my fork in hand. Either way, sounds delicious to me.
Roxie's mama said…
pour some fake caramel on it!! yummo. great job!
I totally thought you baked a cake!
Of course when I read through I realized how fabulous your soap tuned out. It looks PERFECT!

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