Pumpkin Pie and Men

Check out this funny story that I happened to stumble across over on the Etsy forums. I think I'm famous!!! It's a shame that I procrastinated enough to run out of pumpkin spice soap. Lesson learned though, lesson learned. I have since made more and the beauties are curing as I type.

Did you know that fragrance researchers claim that the scent of pumpkin pie filling will turn men into helpless love slaves, content to sit immobile for hours while you use their arms as a yarn-winder?


Yes, I have heard about the power of the scent of pumpkin pie.
Rainy said…
I'm soo looking forward to buying this soap. :)
TAG. You're it. You can see the details on my blog. http://rainydayart.blogspot.com/
marsha said…
now what would we ever do without pumpkin pie eh??? ;)
Oooh, maybe I should invest in some pumpkin pie scent. I had no idea.
Anonymous said…
Ohhh... I gotta get me somma' that!

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