Wednesday, January 30, 2008

BIG Love

During Christmas I had envisioned the perfect Valentines soap I wanted to make. I knew what I wanted it to look like and wasn't going to deviate from the image in my head. They were going to be all white, with a little heart that would be pink with a dusting of gold.
Only problem was, I didn't have the right mold that I'd need to pull it off. So, I purchased one that I thought would be perfect.

My mold came. It was designed to make 21 bars. I promptly measured it, calculated how much soap I would need to make a particular sized bar by weight and proceeded to adjust my trusty recipe for use with said mold. Well, I'm no mathematician but I'm quite comfortable with numbers BUT when I say I miscalculated, I miscalculated BIG!!!

Check out the size of these bars! A "normal" sized bar is usually about 4 oz. These honkers are 7 oz each and some are damn near 8 oz!!! I can't exactly sell them to guys because they not only look girlified but they smell girlified too.

I just hope there are some ladies out there with massive hands that can use them :)

Monday, January 28, 2008

Consider Me Tagged!

Last week I was tagged by Steph of "Playing with Soap". Steph is my Soap Meet up buddy and stops by my blog to stay upto date with my goings on, as we don't get to see each other that ofen unfortunately. Anway, Steph has sent me a blog tag. I have been tagged in the past but they're so much fun, I'm glad I got tagged again.

The rules are:

Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.

Share five random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog.

Share the five top places on your "want to see or want to see again" list.

Tag a minimum of five random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.

Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment in their blog.

So here it goes, the five random and/or weird facts about myself:

1. When I was a kid, I used to eat the sponge from cushions. Yes - that's right, I would pluck it and eat it. If I went to someone's house and there was a hole in their couch, it was ON!!! Do they even make couches like that any more?

2. I despise milk but I love cream. The thought of drinking milk from a glass makes me gag. But cream, I could sip from a spoon all day long. What's up with that?

3. I, like Stephanie am an early bird. Once I become conscious in the morning, whether it's 5:00am or 3:00am, I have to get up. Many mornings I have 2 batches of soap in the oven before 6:00am!! My husband thinks I have issues - LOL.

4. There are several places that I would like to visit before I die and one that I'd like to revisit! They are: Africa, India, Hong Kong and Australia. I would like to revisit Maui. I went there for my neice's wedding and fell in love.

5. I don't like cooking (unless it' s soap of course). Thank goodness I'm married to a man that loves to cook otherwise we'd be in trouble! I've been saying for years that I'm going to design and fabricate the first dust cover ever made for a stove :)

And that's it about me for now!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Goody Two Shoes

Look what I got!!!

I got these lovely shoes for my brand new nephew from my fellow CT Etsy Team Member Kaboogie. Not only are they beautiful but they're well made too. See the suede bottoms? These are real shoes my friends and my nephew Reid is gonna be the most stylish kid in CT.

Be sure to check out Kaboogie - her baby shoes are awesome and you can't beat the handmade gift bags at only a buck!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Connecticut Overfloweth...

...with wonderfully talented people!

I recently joined an Etsy Street Team (CT Etsy Team). We're a group of Etsy artists based out of Connecticut who will be pooling our efforts to promote each other.

Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of meeting a few members of our team at a coffee shop about 20 minutes from my home. I had so much fun with this group and a couple of the ladies brought samplings of their wares. The few items that I did see were outstanding! It's such a shame that such levels of quality can never be conveyed by a picture.

Here are a couple of the artists that I met yesterday.

First up is Carissa Black. Carissa makes the baddest bags, purses and baby quilts. Her items belong in super duper high end boutiques for sure.

Do visit Carissa's shop - you'll not be dissappointed!

Next up is Liz of LAA Designs - This young lady has to be the absolute sweetest, most modest person this side of the United States. She specializes in linoleum printing on clothing and bags. Her T-Shirts are adorable! Again the quality is 2nd to none. Visit LAA Designs shop also and show her some Etsy love.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sometimes I wish I could put bags over their heads

....then people couldn't judge them by the way they look.

SO - I've had this little dilema (quite minor in the grand scheme of things really). But, you all know how I verge on being anal about my soap turning out "attractive" shall we say.

WELL - recently I made this batch of soap. Once I was done pouring it into the mold, I was so happy and excited because it smelled really delightful and I had made beautiful purple, red and green swirlies with gold dust sprinkled in with the red parts. It was to be a girly girl's soap and would invoke the feeling of giddy happiness.

Well, can I tell you that those grandiose visions were soon killed off as I watched my beautiful batch cure over the next few weeks. It went from a lovely creamy white to caramel and then onto the ugly doo-doo brown you see in the picture. Quite disgusted, I decided that the entire batch was destined for nowhere further than down the hallway to my own bathroom (once again)!! What a bloody waste!

Long story short - I was in the Etsy forums today griping about this ugly soap and a fellow Etsian kathijane suggested that I call this batch "Butt Ugly Soap" for Butt Ugly Skin! What a genius! I think I'll do just that :)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

What's Cooking?

Now that the Holidays are behind us it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get stuck into 2008.

It’s been unusually quiet over at Etsy Land which has turned out to be quite the blessing in disguise. The down time has allowed my creative mind to to conjur up all kinds of soap designs, scent combinations, gift set ideas, and even brand new products. It’s been wonderful. Now all I have to do is turn these wonderful ideas into reality!!

I did manage to create my chocolate section as planned in my Etsy shop – which by the way has been quite successful. People like chocolate it seems!

Here’s to chocolate…….