BIG Love

During Christmas I had envisioned the perfect Valentines soap I wanted to make. I knew what I wanted it to look like and wasn't going to deviate from the image in my head. They were going to be all white, with a little heart that would be pink with a dusting of gold.
Only problem was, I didn't have the right mold that I'd need to pull it off. So, I purchased one that I thought would be perfect.

My mold came. It was designed to make 21 bars. I promptly measured it, calculated how much soap I would need to make a particular sized bar by weight and proceeded to adjust my trusty recipe for use with said mold. Well, I'm no mathematician but I'm quite comfortable with numbers BUT when I say I miscalculated, I miscalculated BIG!!!

Check out the size of these bars! A "normal" sized bar is usually about 4 oz. These honkers are 7 oz each and some are damn near 8 oz!!! I can't exactly sell them to guys because they not only look girlified but they smell girlified too.

I just hope there are some ladies out there with massive hands that can use them :)


Andrea said…
I have tiny hands but these soaps look so pretty!
Joanna Schmidt said…
These are very soothing . . . big and soothing sounds perfect
I think the Big Love marketing idea is a good one....

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