What's Cooking?

Now that the Holidays are behind us it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get stuck into 2008.

It’s been unusually quiet over at Etsy Land which has turned out to be quite the blessing in disguise. The down time has allowed my creative mind to to conjur up all kinds of soap designs, scent combinations, gift set ideas, and even brand new products. It’s been wonderful. Now all I have to do is turn these wonderful ideas into reality!!

I did manage to create my chocolate section as planned in my Etsy shop – which by the way has been quite successful. People like chocolate it seems!

Here’s to chocolate…….


Amber Rose said…
Yum! I love chocolate! I've been wanting to do some chocolate items, but I don't think it's in the cards for me...at least not anytime soon :)

Can't wait to see what new things you've come up with! xx.
Anonymous said…
Hum... I might have to give it a try! Before spring, before the bees come out... haha!
wow, makes me crave some real chocolate but to be able to BATHE in it?
...so awesome...
Joanna Schmidt said…
It is the no calorie treat!

Chocolate is so goooooood....
Anonymous said…
MorganStreet -- you've done the impossible!! For the first time in my 50 some odd years you have solved my winter dry skin blues. You know the pebbley junk you get on the back of your arms and thighs? Not me this time baby -- it's smooth sailing this year! I attribute my smooth skin to MorganStreet Bath and Body oils I use daily. Can't get enough of the stuff.
Thanks Much.

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