OK, so I'm participating in this craft fair this coming Saturday in The Hamptons. It's a big one for me (first time using my tent). Anywhooo, I've been preparing for this event for ever! Tonight I decided to look over the information regarding the event that I received in the mail just to make sure that I'm not missing anything.

To my shock and horror, this is what item 6 read: Food for purchase and portable sanitary facilities will be available on the Fair premises.

Portable sanitary facilities???? There are 2 things that I absolutely refuse to do -

1) use the toilet on an airplane (yes that includes my million flights to London from NYC)
2) use portable freakin' toilets.

I just can't do it. I'll be skeeved and uncomfortable for the rest of the day. Even when I worked in construction, there was one job that I refused to work on because there was no inside toilet. How can I possibly eat anything after using one of those things?

Words of encouragement are needed here folks. Somebody PLEASE calm me down!!!!


kim* said…
oh dear...yes i get scared in those lil rooms...and most of all YUCK
Joanna said…
There isn't much to say, hon. They are gross and that is that. I, of course, will use a anything because when I have to go, I have to go. Planes don't bother me one bit. But those hot stink pots are disgusting beyond belief.

Words of wisdom or encouragement? Dehydrate and starve yourself. If nothing goes in, nothing comes out.

Bring a spray bottle and squirt it in your mouth every so often so you don't die.

Or skip the fair.

Or imagine you are donating to the toilet gods.
Suds to Love said…
I feel your pain... I have no words of wisdom or help. Good luck!
Anonymous said…
Ultimately it is up to the event planner to determine what level of temporary restrooms will be on site. The more equipement avialable, the more frequent the service, and more upscale the equipment - the better the experience for the event attendees. Of course this usually means spending more money on equipment rentals and service. But that should not be underestimated - if event planner spends more, event attendees stay longer, spend more, enjoy more - tell their friends and the event grows.

Think about it -
Suds to Love said…
Hi Sharon, you've been tagged for a bloggin' award, check out my blog.
Bonghi Nautra said…
Maybe you'll be so busy you won't even have time to think about going to the bathroom!!
Anonymous said…
I really know what you mean, today i will be having this same shocking experience.
So i hope things worked out well for you and sending you kindest regards from the Netherlands
Gioia Made Soap
Breanna LaRow said…
I was at a craft show this past weekend and their portable toilets were actually little trailers. Inside; nice wood paneling, private floor to ceiling stalls, wallpaper, regular toilets, working sinks, hand towels.

Yeah I was pretty shocked as well.
Megan said…
The Hamptons?! That sounds awesome! As much as I hate the toilet-items you just mentioned, I'd use one for a fair in the Hamptons.
Steph said…
I had an experience like that a couple of weeks ago. I went to a Food Fair placed in a Holiday Camp. First of all they charged 5 Pound entrance free, which we paid because we went all that way to see it. Then it was badly organised, hardly anyone there, just a couple of stalls.
And when I wanted to use the bathroom (the decent toilet of the restaurant) I was refused entrance, because I am not a Holiday Camper or customer (?). I was send to one of these awful portable loos, and that was enough for me to leave the fair!
By the way :I´m seven month pregnant (quite obvious)

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