VEGANS - You too shall have silken skin!

You may or may not be aware but I add silk fibers to almost every batch of soap that I make.
- Why?
Because it makes a nice soft creamy lather that leaves your skin feeling like silk, that's why.
Unfortunately silk is a big no-no to the Vegan community since it's an animal product. There goes that corner of the market......................but wait not so fast, I've had a break through.

I was talking (whining) in a thread about none of my soaps being vegan because of the addition of silk and how I wish there was a vegetable alternative.

WELL, the next day I get a convo from a fiber artist who happens to know that bamboo fibers and soy fibers are almost identical in texture to silk. Oh but of course I had to try it out. So she was kind enough to send me some of each and I went on to create 3 test batches. 1 with tussah silk, 1 with soy silk and 1 with bamboo silk. I have to tell you that the difference between the 3 is barely noticable so I am pleased to reveal my newest concoction created especially for the vegan community.

VEGANS - You too shall have silken skin!

ps: you can call me Einstein the next time you see me - I won't mind!


Marr Williams said…
Ah! Great thread. I've not tried the other silks. I've just been trying to get the slip from aloe. I'll have to get some of the other silks now. Thanks for the heads up!
Fabulous work Einstein!! :0)
melroska said…
that's great! i love to use bamboo yarn, it really is so soft and silky.
Joanna said…
yes, ms. street: pure genius!
That's fantastic information! I've yet to try silk and now I can try 3 variations. I always need another excuse to make soap....yeah right! Do you have any suggestions as to where to purchase soy and bamboo fibers?
Morgan Street said…
I'm getting in touch with the yarn lady now so once I hear back I can post her contact info so you can get some fibers too :)
Joanna said…
You take really beautiful pictures, lit beautifully!!
haha you're so cute! :)

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