What the Bloody 'ell Happened...

...in my shop this weekend?

I've been saying to myself how slow it's been in the Etsy shop these past couple months but I was fine with it because it allowed me time to dream up new concoctions. BUT this past weekend, for whatever reason, there was a mass onslaught of shoppers. I spent most of Saturday and Sunday scratching my head in disbelief. Really - I sold like 40 items between Friday and Sunday and some of those were sets of 8 bars of soap, gift sets, soap cakes etc. Customers came from Singapore, Australia, Prague, Canada and the USA. I'm still flabbergasted by it all but secretly hoping it keeps up :)

I guess I'd best get that soap pot out tonight and get to cooking!!

ps: see all those bars of soap down there in my post of March 2nd? They're all gone!!


michvanetta said…
That's great news!
Your soaps etc, look lovely it's no wonder you've had a mass of sales. Hope it keeps up for you!!!
Congrats on all the sales!
Joanna Schmidt said…
yay, girl!

You deserve it!!
Suds to Love said…
That's great news! Sounds like you're going to be busy packing and running to the post office.
Yay! Good for you! It's because your soaps are so lovely! Isn't it fun to start your inventory all over again? :) Like Dory from Nemo says, "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!" :)
egassner said…
Woo-Hoo! I love it when that happens! I wonder if you made front page and just didn't get to see it?
Corris said…
Wow! Amazing! I went to your shop today to see what's for sale and I was wondering why it looked low on soaps. hahaha That's great everyone purchased....shoppers must be preparing for Mother's Day! I'll check back in a couple weeks to see what's new. Cheers, Corris, www.newsday.com/cheapthrills
Well . . . can you blame them? :)
Anonymous said…
That's amazing Love! And you SO deserve it too!!!

P.S. Don't forget to stop by my blog and enter to win some Etsy goodies... if you haven't already!

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