Got Milk?

Lately I've been on this milk soap kick. I've made goats milk soap many times in the past but never regular cows milk. Those of you in the know are well aware that milk soaps make some of the hardest most luxurious bars ever, and the harder the bar, the longer it lasts, so I'm all far that!

Making milk soaps can be a bit tricky for a few reasons. The main rule to making milk soaps is you have to freeze the milk before you add the lye otherwise the milk can become overheated, curdle, turn bright orange and stink to high heaven! If you don't - believe me you will regret it. Yes I'm speaking from experience :)

Here's one of my milk soap batches. I scented it with Bulgarian Rose with a dash of Coconut fragrance. The natural scent of the milk sweetens the roses and the coconut just rounds it out perfectly!

I do believe I've found my newest favorite soap!!


dcyrill said…
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dcyrill said…
I do love a good goat's milk soap. I am thinking about making a coconut milk soap.
Joanna Schmidt said…
Mmmmmmm. What else can I say?
Jeez, Joanna took my word! :) Those look so super yummy!! Just delish!
I've never used milk soaps? But they sure look nice! Maybe I'll have to give it a whirl.

xx Tia
Casey said…
I never realized that milk based soaps last longer...good to know, AND they look beautiful!
T said…
Beautiful job - they look good enough to eat and I bet they smell divine!
Waterrose said…
Isn't chemistry wonderful!
smotyn said…
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Mikey said…
I can't drink milk anymore. I drink that soy milk now, but it just isn't the same.

It is my 500th Post today! A milestone to the fact that I can be disciplined and enjoy it at the same time. You should do me the honor and check it out. :-)

Morgan Street said…
Thanx for posting Mikey - I'll certainly come check you out!

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