Party's almost over....

... for Whipped Body Butters in my shop - hehehe.

That's right - I made an announcement a few days ago that I would cease shipping these little lovelies as of April 30th!
You see, they don't travel well in the heat and can liquify in transit which could end up being an ugly mess for the unsuspecting recipient. I mean, they're fine to use once you stick them in the fridge for a few minutes as they harden up quite quickly but who wants to go through that?
So I'm pulling them until the Fall and I can't say I'm sad to see them go either. Of all the products that I make, those little tins of wonderfully moisturizing butters give me the most grief. I'm a whip it up quick and get it done kinda gal and these things take patience and time which leaves me grinding my teeth to powder sometimes. So YAY for warmer weather is what I say!!

Never fear though - Whipped Body Butters shall be replaced with body lotion for the spring/summer season. Lots of new flavors coming our way too :)


Waterrose said…
Yep, good idea...I can't imagine they would do well coming to places like here...phoenix... probably makes the mailman happy too.
Allison said…
The changing of seasons brings many fun changes! :]

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