Have machine, won't sew

I have a hate hate relationship with sewing.
My mother was a professional dressmaker whilst holding down a full time job at the local hospital and for many years I woke up to the hum of her Singer sewing machine and fell asleep to the same sound as she would try to squeeze in as much sewing as possible before & after work.

I'm not sure if it was the never ending number of button holes I had to unpick or the 100's of hems I had to hand stitch that made me despise anything to do with a needle and thread.

Either way, here I was many years later staring at her Singer sewing maching that sat in the corner with a look of disgust on my face but at the same time, a longing to create sewn lavender sachets. What was I to do?

My longing for lavender sachets overpowered my dislike for the hunk of metal that was to be the vehicle to my hearts desire.

So I bit the bullet and I fought with said machine for over 5 weeks before I finally realized my dream of lavender sachets. I'm so chuffed with these I want to keep them all for myself.

I still can't sew for ish :-)
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yummy suds said…
Adorable sachets! Love this!
They're really beautiful. I love them!!

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