Giving the people what they want

So I've been doing a local flea market for the last month (less 1 weekend). It's been an interesting time. Mainly because I'm finding it much easier to see exactly what customers tastes are.

I set out all my fancy looking sweet smelling soaps and which ones sell the most? The plain old boring lavender oatmeal. It's a bit of a bummer because those aren't as fun to make, but apparently it's what the people want.

To that end I've decided to create a few more "not so pretty" basic looking bars using herbs and essential oils.

1) Lemongrass & Rosemary with the addition of dried lemongrass for exfoliation

2) Unscented Oatmeal with ground oatmeal

3) Clary Sage & Fir Needle with dried nettle leaves

Can't wait to see how they go over with the flea market customers!


very interesting. You spend all that time making cool soaps and they ignore them just can't win I guess :)
Love the color of the Clary Sage-beautiful!
FuturePrimitive said…
mad ain't know what though's the media coverage of everything bloody eco. that's half the problem. folks follow trends and the trend right now is natural, eco & boring. well, you know what i mean!
T.A. Helton said…
The Clary Sage and Fir is beautiful!
Morgan Street said…
Thanks guys!

Wouldn't you know it, today everyone wanted pretty soap & the boring bars just sat there all day looking....boring!

*rolls eyes*
Teresa said…
You never know what "the public" wants - have to go with your instincts...and be a gentle guide.
Love that Clary soap!
Joanna said…
I quote from an interview from Joe Jackson:
"I don't play to please the masses. I play from my heart and the ones I touch will find me. Appreciate me. Those are the ones that will remain because what I am creating is FROM me."

Stay true to yourself.
Joanna said…
did that even make sense? What I am trying to say is don't run to them and moon them with a phony behind. Stay where you are and moon them with your REAL tushy and have them see you from across the way and if they like what they see they will come.

Does that make more sense or should I just go get more coffee? Y'know, I'll go do that.

Morgan Street said…
Thanks Jo! It makes perfect sense and it's absolutely what I've done in the past & been comfy with. Why change now eh? OK so it's back to pretty swirlies for me.
Thanks gang!
Joanna said…
kissie, pretty girl


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