Felt like cake

.....so I made cake. Although that was a couple months ago and it only took me this long to reveal them. I'm really working on my procrastination issues here so see with me will you?

Chocolate Raspberry

Coconut Lemon


Ramy said…
¡Que jabones tan bonitos!
Me gustan todos
Pili said…
As I already said... they DO look so realistic!! So edible!
And of course, I can't buy them cause the bf would totally eat them!
Teresa said…
are these food or soap!
Anne-Marie said…
Oh my goodness, I seriously asked myself multiple times if those were soap or actual dessert. Great job!
Kia said…
OMG, my tummy is qrowling! Those look absolutely delicious. They look so realistic :D
Bath Salts said…
These look delicious! I want want want!
Anonymous said…
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