A Positive Note

I want to share something that's happened to me lately in the hopes that someone else can benefit also.

So, not sure if I mentioned a while back that ever since reading the book "The Secret" and watching the documentary "Blood Line", reading a book by Deepak Chopra, I've been doing some serious thinking and soul searching. Not only have I questioned my religion as I know it, but also myself and my life purpose. I can't say that I've found any concrete answers yet but I feel I'm on the right path somehow and am becoming more open minded about the amount of power we all have over our own destiny.

So here's my story. It's a bit long but I have to tell the entire thing so you get the picture. You all know how I feel about my 9-5 job right? I don't have many positive things to say about it and it's been this way for a couple years now. WELL, a couple Fridays ago I can say I had the worst day ever at work. I mean, when you get an email sent directly to you from your bosses, bosses, bosses, bosses, bosses, bosses boss you KNOW you've dropped a major ball. I'm not talking a Director or VP here, I'm talking the 2nd in command of a HUGE corporation that employees thousands of people world wide. This is an individual who should not even know I exist. To say I was mortified is putting it mildly and to be honest it wasn't I who had dropped the ball but my manager's manager. But because I was "handling" the coordination of this particular project all eyes fell on me.

Fast forward to the end of that horrendous day. I still had not heard from our Director re said email so I assumed he was so mad he didn't want to talk/communicate with me. I wouldn't either had I been him. His scivvy made the entire department look bad. Monday was to be holiday and still the issue was not resolved. The entire weekend I spent feeling sick to my stomach and almost wishing I could contract some God-awful disorder so I could spend the next month or so in the hospital until the whole mess had been been forgotten about. Well, that never happened and Tuesday morning my stomach churned as I got ready for work. Husband kept saying to me "It's going to be a good day today" over and over and while I really wanted to tell him to shut up because there's no way in HELL it was going to be a good day, I found myself saying it also. I drove to work chanting those words and do you know what? It was a good day! The dropped ball was picked up (over that weekend) and unbeknown to me and I was able to make everything right within 30 minutes of being at the office. Everyone was happy. Our department was looking good again.

At the end of the day I sat back in my chair and marveled at how everything turned around so quickly and easily. I wondered if my chanting had anything to do with it and decided at that moment to try it again the next day. I did and it was. Then the next day and the day after that. I can honestly say that I've had the best and most fulfilling last 2 weeks at work and I believe I was responsible for it. Anytime I had a negative thought, I changed it into a positive thought. So long as I was thinking positive, positive things happened. And guess what? This past Thursday an email was distributed to all & sundry mentioning the great work I've done on said project. Two weeks ago who would have expected THAT? Not me for sure.

So folks, get your minds right and make it happen. Think positive. Happiness begets happiness. It's the way the universe works. Believe me, I know!


T.A. Helton said…
Gosh...I needed that this morning. Thanks for the post.
Pili said…
Being positive is indeed waaaay better than being negative!
I'm glad to hear things have been going well for you!!
FuturePrimitive said…
Hi Sharon
I only just read this post. God, it brought back memories. I worked for a right old bitch a couple years ago, and each morning I was sick before work. I don't work for her anymore. No amount of self help worked. I do believe she worked for Lucifer!
But...good on you for making things better for you. I like the chanting thing..and thank god for your husband x
Anonymous said…
Amiable fill someone in on and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you for your information.
Anonymous said…
Good post and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you as your information.
Thank you so much for sharing this real genuine story that is inspiring and motivating! I am also learning how to have positive thoughts constantly!!

Pei Li
Anonymous said…
Very nice and intrestingss story.

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