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I seem to be on a roll lately. Just don't seem to be able to get enough of making soap. I guess it makes up for all those times when my mojo disappeared on me and was nowhere to be found.

Anywho, these are 2 of my more recent creations.

Apple Oatmeal - the bottom half is scented with oatmeal, milk & honey. I added ground oatmeal to it for exfoliation. The top half is scented with spiced apple (no apples added here). I sprinkled cocoa powder between the two layers because I was feeling daring.

Lavender Oatmeal - This is kinda run of the mill. Just ground up lavender and oatmeal added at trace. Was going for a softer purple but ended up with this more intense color. Did I ever mention that lavender is not my favorite scent? That's putting it mildly of course. Not only the smell but it messes with my schedule. It ALWAYS makes me sleepy. The day I made these I had to take to my bed at 8:30pm. I was so sleepy my eyes were tearing up.

More later....


Pili said…
They look amazing!! The apple oatmeal looks great!
Michele said…
Wow! Love that apple oatmeal and usually I am a little put off by lav and oatmeal, but yours looks lovely.
Nice job!
Happy Soaper said…
The soaps are lovely. I like the idea of the coco powder between the layers.

home made soap
Body Scrub said…
Beautiful soap! Looks amazing!

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