Is it Spring yet?

My, it's been a while huh?

I could say I've been so rushed off my feet I haven't had time to blog but I'd be lying. Well sort of anyways. I have been a bit busy, not necessarily with soapy stuff, more with learning how to do new things for myself. I've taken up knitting again and am having so much fun with it, I've become quite the yarnaholic.

Anyway I digress. Yesterday I made up my mind to make some soaps I've been thinking about for far too long. Parma Violets & Turkish Delight to match my lip balms. For those of you who don't know it, I'm a candy eating fool (especially British candy). Growing up I ate so much sugar I'm surprised my blood isn't treacle right now.

I used to love eating Fry's Turkish Delights but sadly they've been more and more difficult to find these days. It's a block of rose flavored gelatin like substance covered in rich milky chocolate. It is the candy that inspired me to make my Turkish Delight lip balm (combo of rose & chocolate flavors). Here I dusted the tops with cocoa powder. Don't they look edible?

Next is Parma Violets. These were little purple hard candies that were sold stacked on top of each other in a clear plastic sleeve. They smelled DIVINE and tasted like the smell of perfume if that makes sense. When I found a violet flavor oil I just knew I had to make lip balms in this flavor. Here I colored the batch with purple swirls and sprinkled purple sugar crystals on top. I cannot believe how wonderful these smell. I want to lick them each and every one!

Lastly, I made a batch of "Lilac" scented soap. Odd thing about these is that they will usually sit in my shop totally unnoticed for ages, then all of a sudden there's a mad rampage for them with requests for more. I can't say I was a huge lilac fan but I will admit that these have a very mild floral scent until they hit the water, then it's like KAPPOWWWW - you fell face first into a lilac bush!

I CPOP'd all these so as soon as they've firmed up a bit more they'll be ready to hit the streets. Spring is definately in the air!


They're gorgeous! I love the cocoa & sugar additions; and the colors are really beautiful.
innerearthsoaps said…
These look gorgeous! Great work. We're on the other side of the hemisphere ... melting in the sun and waiting for the cool change of autumn!
Pili said…
They all sound amazing!!
FuturePrimitive said…
if you want me to send you some parma violets and turkish delights just say the word..though the turkish delight may melt/freeze.
did you know Kraft foods have bought out Cadbury? means you may well get all our choccy over where you live now....or do you get it anyway?
Morgan Street said…
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Morgan Street said…
oh yeah and on the Cadbury/Kraft thing, I wish I could buy a crate of chocolates now before they change the formula and Cadburys ends up tasting like the rest of the tripe here (candle wax).
Anonymous said…
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Love the lilac! I only CPOP now. My soap is now ready in about 3 weeks!
Michele said…
Wow!They are all so incredibly gorgeous.Love the lilac.

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