Return of the Mojo

Here is the 2nd batch of soaps I made this past weekend after the return of my mojo. As you can see they're not nearly as interesting looking as the 1st batch but they're still exciting!

I did plan to take photos of them as whole logs to post here but impatience got the better of me and I sliced 'em all up before you could say "say cheese".

The brown bar in front is my usual ChocoTherapy. I haven't made this one in a while and was well overdue.

The 2nd bar with confetti-like topping is still unnamed. The scent is like a vintage perfume (very girly). It's expected to get much darker than it is currently and should end up being a deep chocolate brown. Oh and there's gold mica in it so it will shimmer and look quite glamorous when wet.

The 3rd bar smells exactly like Johnsons baby powder. I LOVE it. This fragrance usually turns soap a tan color but I've combatted that with a little titanium dioxide and pink coloring.

The 4th bar is to die for - it's Green Tea. The scent is so subtle, soft and deliciously sweet.

Since we're entering warmer and more humid weather, I decided to leave these batches in the oven a little longer than I usually do just to cook off more of the lye and water in them. I also added sodium lactacte to each batch for harder bars. These should be fully cured & hardened within the next few weeks and I can't wait!


Daisy Soap Girl said…
Looking good. They must smell fantastic!
Oh Baby powder, that sounds so wonderful. Please post when they are ready-Baby (2 yrs) needs to smell like a baby again, hes getting too big!
FuturePrimitive said…
they look so lovely...why not call the confetti one confetti...?

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