It's that time again

My garden is starting to come alive and all kinds of things are blooming. Seems like my lavender plant loves the rain. This morning I ran out with my scissors and snipped me a bunch.

I'm dying to try lavender in cookies. Not sure if I'm brave enough so in the mean time I'll stick to using it in soaps & stuff :-)


kim* said…
how lovely to see change
DJ said…
Oh, I wish I could get lavender to grow here. I bet you could make the cookies!
Pili said…
I love lavender flowers!

And the cookies spound like a good idea!
Sharon said…
I once made shortbread with lavender icing. The lavender flowers were soaked in water for a while and then the water was added to the icing recipe. It was delicious! (And last year I found some lavender ice cream at a specialty grocery store.)

Your cookies sound like a good idea! We should all eat more flowers!
Have you ever tried to make Lavender honey? very good. I have a huge crop myself.

Heat 8 ounces of light honey in a double boiler. Add 8 tablespoons of fresh lavender buds, or four of dried. Stir on low heat for 30 minutes. Remove from heat and allow to partially cool. Strain and pour into in a jar.

You'll wanna strain all the bits out, but place a full flowered stem in when jarring it up for looks and continued flavoring of the honey. Yummy! Smells so good too!
we've got lavender growing too and I want to make lavender lemonade with it!

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