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Last night the bug bit me again and I had the urging to make more soap (shown here).

Gardenia - since I'm almost out of it and I have to say it felt weird re-stocking before running out. I'm the biggest procrastinator in the world and usually wait until people start begging before I restock. Bad, bad girl!

Pumpkin Chiffon - Can you believe I'm making Fall soap already? The mojo's gotten totally out of control obviously! With this batch, I experimented by sprinkling a layer of cocoa powder between the 2 colors to see if I could get a fine brown line. We'll see how it turns out when I cut the loaf.

Rose - Here I combined 3 different rose FO's together. I'm not a huge fan of rose but this one smells pretty damn pleasant. It had better, for the amount of trouble it gave me. Why are florals so mean? UGHHH!

White with Black Swirls - This one is an experiment. I wanted to make a gentleman's soap and decided that patchouli, fir needle, tangerine & oakmoss would be an interesting scent. Right now the scent keeps changing & I can't wait for it to settle down. I liked the way the combo smelled on my arm (had me falling in love with myself all over again :-) I may call it The Gentlemen's Club.


Chown Town said…
Why can I never eat your soap?! ;)
Morgan Street said…
oh but you can - if you've got a derti mouf!
egassner said…
Can you send some of your mojo this way? Really needing some lately. Lol!
These look great!
Pili said…
All these look great! I may have to get the gentlemen's club for the bf, since I always get what he calls "girly" soaps!
Found you at Random Musing of Art and Life. Been a customer for some time and a big fan of hers. Now (after pay day) I am going to need to sample some of your goodies when I stock back up on my supplies from her.) You are all just to much.

If you want in on my blog just send me an email at maliciousintently@yahoo.com.
Jen said…
Those soaps look like fudge or cake, wish there were such a thing as smell-tube ;)
You have some beautiful soaps!!! We are already starting our fall line too. :)
Joanna said…
soooo perfect, girl.
steam showers said…
I have never come across such delightful soaps!

And to say that you make them all is amazing.

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