Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Come ON People!!!

So, yesterday morning I'm on my way to work (10 minute commute tops), and it's taking me over an hour to get there due to a serious vehicle accident that occured hours earlier. The road up ahead was closed down and even though I could almost see my building it was impossible to get to it. As frustrated as I was, I prayed for the victim's life to be spared and simply made a u-turn and went back home. A couple hours later, I did manage to make it to the office only to overhear two individuals in the garage complaining about "the idiot" who caused the major delay this morning when he took out 3 utility poles.

I have to say that my heart sank - once again! Don't get me wrong - I'm not all sweetness and light myself but DAMN - someone almost lost their life and all you can complain about is being late for work?

I am losing my faith in mankind peoples and I'm wondering if there's anyone out there that cares enough to SHOW me that humans really aren't self centered, self absorbed, selfish and sodom & gommorahfied.

.....just so sad!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

What a Weekend

I could bore you with my rants about my car being towed while visiting in Jersey City but I won't. I could also bore you about getting lost for 3 hours coming home from Jersey City last night but I won't. I could also bore you with my father's health scare this morning that left me crying in a blubbering heap fearing the worst but I won't.

What I will tell you is that I'm home safe, dad's fine (although still in the hospital undergoing lots of tests) and I'm finally unfurling from my stressful eventful weekend.

Oh, and while I'm at it, let me show you my latest creation. I'm in love with this silly thing - it's the neapolitan. Chocolate on the bottom, raspberry in the middle and almond on top. Let's not forget the cocoa sprinkled on top for decoration :-)

Have a great rest of the weekend everyone - I plan to!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I got lavender!

I've been wanting to grow my own lavender for ever and day and so last year I bought myself a little lavender plant. It was planted and did bloom a little but this year it's exploded (wondering if it has anything to do with my getting over a fear of worms, therefore spending more time tending the raised bed....anywho) and so this morning I decided the time was right to cut some. I'm so happy with them, I just had to show you all how pretty they are. This is all I've cut so far. I've probably got enough for 4 or 5 more bunches!

Let's hope my tomatoes do as well as these did this year!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Lily Rose's Heart

Do you all remember my horror story when I tried to soap some Lily of the Valley fragrance oil? How hideous they turned out because of acceleration? Well, I did try it again a few months ago and although it did accelerate, I was better prepared this time and was actually able to get the soap into the mold in time. BUT once again I wasn't happy with the final look.

I loved the actual bars because I made them with milk and they not only smelled divine but they felt beautiful on my skin. Anyway, not pleased with the looks of these, I shoved them to the side unsure of what would become of them. This weekend I decided to rebatch them into heart shaped bars with huge mounds of dried rose petals on top.

I'm so happy with them. I not only rebatched them but I also added some rose fragrance oil to the already exisiting lily of the valley and the scent is so perfumey and lady-like (unlike myself). I not only made 8 big hearts but also a little cake.

I think I'm in lurv...........

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Coffee Anyone?

So I've made coffee soaps in the past and could never get past the horrible smell of them. That is, I made them using freshed brewed coffee in place of water with coffee grounds and no additional fragrance. They worked great at getting rid of kitchen odors on your hands or even dishes but man - I just didn't like the way the actual bars smelled.

So this time I decided to replace only 1/4 of the water with coffee for a bit of color, add fresh ground coffee for their scent masking abilities, but include a coffee fragrance too.

Can I tell you that I'm love with these little things? I hope no one buys them so I can have them all to myself :-)