Lily Rose's Heart

Do you all remember my horror story when I tried to soap some Lily of the Valley fragrance oil? How hideous they turned out because of acceleration? Well, I did try it again a few months ago and although it did accelerate, I was better prepared this time and was actually able to get the soap into the mold in time. BUT once again I wasn't happy with the final look.

I loved the actual bars because I made them with milk and they not only smelled divine but they felt beautiful on my skin. Anyway, not pleased with the looks of these, I shoved them to the side unsure of what would become of them. This weekend I decided to rebatch them into heart shaped bars with huge mounds of dried rose petals on top.

I'm so happy with them. I not only rebatched them but I also added some rose fragrance oil to the already exisiting lily of the valley and the scent is so perfumey and lady-like (unlike myself). I not only made 8 big hearts but also a little cake.

I think I'm in lurv...........


They look wonderful..You sure did a beautiful job with them..
Waterrose said…
You come up with some great ideas for soap. Too bad there isn't smell-o-computer.

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